I help businesses rapidly scale using paid advertising

I’m glad you’re here, and I’m happy to share as much about myself as you’d like to know. But instead of telling you about how I split time between San Diego, California and Bologna, Italy and have a wife, three kids and a French Bulldog from Brazil that may (or may not) be an illegal alien… let’s talk about what you really want to know:

How I can help you and your business.

In the first 15+ years of my professional career, I personally generated more than $40M in sales… and THEN mastered marketing.

Here's why that matters

At the end of the day, you don’t really care about marketing or advertising. You care about the sales that come from it.

The digital marketing world is filled with clever people who write catchy headlines and design cute pages that never sell a damn thing.

Branding matters… yes.

But nothing matters more than SALES.

If we work together, I’ll personally share what I’ve learned from spending millions of dollars on advertising and generating tens of millions of dollars in sales.

Here's what you can expect

I’ll apply the same thoughtfulness and expertise to your business as I apply to mine.

That level of focus has proven profitable for many of my clients.

Between June 2018 and May 2019, we built 5 million-dollar coaching businesses.

I did it using my…

Getting paid to get paid strategy

I use paid advertising to sell low-ticket items (like a book).

That book sale generates immediate revenue…

And that immediate revenue is used to pay your advertising costs.

We repeat that process hundreds of times each day.

The result…

Your advertising doesn’t cost anything.

And in many cases, it’s actually a profit center for your business…

which is pretty cool!

That’s the first “Getting Paid” part.

Now that we’re acquiring hundreds of BUYERS (not just leads!) per day, we’re going to make more offers.

Courses, classes, trainings, group coaching, private coaching… all of it.

And since we already acquired the buyers at a profit, everything else they buy is 100% profit… which is also pretty cool.

That’s the “Getting Paid To Get Paid” part.

These two parts together are…

The key to quickly scaling your business to $100,000+/month

If you already have an established business and you’d like me to build your customer acquisition system for you, click on the button below to set up a call with me.

If you’re just starting out (or you don’t mind putting in the hard work it takes to build this system yourself), I recommend picking up my Get Paid To Get Paid training that’ll walk you through the process.

OR, if you don’t mind working hard but would like a little extra help from me personally, the GPS Academy is right up your alley.

I look forward to helping you any way I can.

To your success,

Rick Valentine