How to Squeeze Every Dollar Out of Your Leads

If you don’t have a STACK in your funnel, you’re leaving money on the table.

Now, by STACK, I don’t mean money (yet).

I’m talking about a STACK of products. When done right, this squeezes every last dollar out of your leads as they pass through your funnel.

Here’s how to build a product stack (explained in terms of a hamburger because I’m really hungry right now):

TOP BUN: The initial offer

This could be what was previously your free lead magnet (probably an eBook, short course, helpful PDF, etc.). But now, you’re gonna charge $5.90 for it. (Yay, money!)

PATTY: The order bump

This should solve the problem the initial offer pointed out, help your readers get results faster, or just add additional information/value (ex. an audio version of the book they just bought). Price this between $9 and $37.

CONDIMENTS: The upsell

This is the “how to” of the initial offer. Should be super, super valuable and helpful. You can charge between $197 and $297 for this one. (NOTE: I recommend stacking multiple upsells in one funnel. Layer on the ketchup, mustard, and In-N-Out secret sauce.)

BOTTOM BUN: The downsell

(This is optional, but if you ask me, every hamburger is better with both buns.) (Sorry, keto people.)

Most of my clients just offer a payment plan for the upsell here (like two payments of $97) and it works super well.

So now that you have your STACK of products…

You can start making STACKS of cash.

Not only are these products (and their prices) are specifically designed to squeeze the most potential out of every lead that passes through your funnel, but every product they opt in for will add tons of value to their lives – so they’ll be WAY more willing to accept high-ticket offers from you in the future. (“What a helpful guy/gal! Sure, I’ll give you $3,000 for coaching!”)

Stacks of products —–> Stacks of cash

Got it?


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